UPDATE!!  On 7/21/99 at Comedy Central's Jon Stewart Chat, we asked Jon if he knew of the JSEB, and what he thought of it. He answered: " I have not, but now i know why i have soft pouty full breasts."

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The Jon Stewart Estrogen Brigade

"Do these stripes make us look fat?"        

Have you ever found yourself staring at a picture of Jon Stewart, and suddenly realized you were glassy-eyed and drooling uncontrollably?  Or perhaps you just laughed while watching the Daily Show and though, "Hey!  This guy is mildly amusing."  But most likely your friend made you visit this site and you just want to join so you can finally have something to put in your e-mail signature, the highly acclaimed "Proud member of the JSEB" link. 

    Even if you fit into one, two or even three of these categories, despite your age, gender or mental stability, you too can join the best, well-run Jon Stewart fan club on the net.  (This last statement cannot be backed up, we're just a highly egotistical group.)

           Feel free to wander aimlessly around the site, because whether you're looking at our small collection of Jon photos and downloadable movies, or reading the latest issue of our newsletter, you're guaranteed to want to join or never come back again.     

So you want the new Daily Show with Jon Stewart Screensaver?  Well, the nice people at Thing World want you to have it to.  Get it here! DS with JS Screensaver

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