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Now I know why I have soft, pouty, full breasts.
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Sarah's First Time
by Sarah
February 19, 2001

The first time I saw Jon was in 1994 on The Jon Stewart show. I just loved the show and watched it all the time. But at that point it was just the show and not so much him. Fast forward about five years later and I see him again on The Daily Show. I remember watching him mess up a line and make a joke of it. It was, for lack of a better word, sweet. He has this openness that just brings you in. You know that when you are watching him you are watching *him*. He shows that he is human and that makes him lovable. I saw him do stand-up in a casino about two months ago and he just lit up the place with his personality and humor. It was infectious. I was nearly hooked at that point.

What finally hooked me completely was my attendance at a Daily Show taping a few weeks ago. He was just such an honest person. He was asked by an audience member why he walked out onto the set in the funny way that he did and he had an honest answer. He said he felt awkward in front of all of us, just as we did in the presence of him. That made him just like us, not some big star we know nothing about. He is a funny, sweet guy who deserves all that he has.


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