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Daily Encounters
by Nicole
November 28, 2002

I have this wall in my bedroom that I have at least thirty pictures of Jon glued on. I ran my house out of ink printing these pictures. I hug that wall everyday. And I watch The Daily Show too much. I have the TDS embedded into my brain instead of the vocabulary words I should be learning for class. I start seeing TDS people everywhere.

We had a career day at our school. (Career day is when teachers get away with not teaching for a day by choosing some adult with a "respectable" job to try to woo the students into their field.) Well, in my English glass there was a guy who created a company called "Socks Are Optional." Due to a problem with his feet, this fellow had to wear certain kinds of shoes. Then, one day, he decided to wear REGULAR shoes WITHOUT socks. Well he decided he liked it that way much better and hasn't worn socks since except to fancy things such as business meetings. Who did the guy remind me of? A fat Stephen Colbert!

On another day, I was shopping at the mall, minding my own business. As I was trying on shoes, I saw someone with short blonde hair in the aisle across from me. She looked EXACTLY like Nancy Walls. I had to look twice to make sure it wasn't her. (It wasn't.)

Unfortunately, the one person I want to see and never see is Jon Stewart. I think it's because there's no one else remotely like him out there. That is probably for the best. Otherwise, I might embarrass myself running through a crowd screaming "I LOVE YOU JON!" So I guess I'm stuck with seeing him only on TV. [Sniff]

I think this submission either proves my dedication to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show or it just proves that I'm crazy.


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