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Lanai's First Time
by Lanai
February 19, 2001

Okay, you wanna know how I fell in love with Jon? Sigh . . . I have my friend Seth to thank for that. When I came home from school this summer, he suggested that I watch something called "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart." He thought it was a show I'd enjoy. He had no idea . . . . I don't recall the first episode I saw, but they're all beautiful because Jon's in them! I was instantly struck by how hot he is and how he made me laugh; I was smitten. His delivery is amazing; the way he handles interviews (the Spice Girls come to mind) is incredible. I watched the show every night after that first night, and I looked forward to seeing all his different facial expressions, the interviews, and so on. Basically, I just loved seeing him.

I began to search the Internet for info, Jon groups, etc. Then I came here! Through Annie, the JSEB, the SSS, and other Jon sites, I have found out so much wonderful information. He's a real talent. It almost broke my heart when I found out that that he was married, but then I thought, "Well, it's a good thing for him." (Why doesn't he have kids yet?!) I recently bought his "Naked Pictures of Famous People" which was hilarious! I loved it and I wish he'd write another book. I also wish I could meet him and attend a Daily Show taping, but I'm all the way in California and I won't be eighteen for a year. Damn that age rule! Actually, my 17th birthday was on Sunday, January 14th, and it would be a total dream to meet him. I still can't believe I didn't immediately recognize him when I saw Big Daddy, but then again, I wasn't yet hip to his coolness.

Since I'm finishing my senior year of high school away from home, I don't see TDS and Jon very often. But I subscribe to the TDS Newsletter and visit quite a bit. When I go home on visits, I make sure to watch him. So, in a nutshell, this is what I love about Jon: everything. It's even better now that he's gone two months without smoking! I'm glad you all feel the way I do. Thanks for everything, and take care.


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